Blue and Brown Granny-Square Afghan


Consumed as I lately am by the urge to crochet granny squares, and with the itch of wanting to try out my new favourite colour combination (blue and brown) in a pattern, a few days ago I decided to start on an afghan that brings together these two characteristics.

I bought twenty balls of acrylic yarn in four different colours, two of which fall into the “blue” category, the other two under “brown(ish)”. In terms of texture, the yarn is not the best one to knit with; the greyish beige one is particularly cringy, but the end result doesn’t look or feel bad and I have knit with worse. I am overall pleased with the decision; I refuse to spend a small fortune on a throw that will in all probability end up infused with sweat and the odd coffee spill (therefore also necessitating multiple travels to the washing machine). And I do need a usable throw for the living room, this is not merely a decorative exercise, I need something practical.

But enough justification of the cheap yarn. The colours are exactly the ones I wanted and that was the whole point of the material for this project. Besides, the pattern I have chosen for the granny squares (the Dally Dahlia) is one of the best-looking ones I have ever come across. You can find the instructions for it at Emmy + Lien. I tried out several candidates, from several sources, and this was the clear winner.

At the time of writing I have seventeen squares, each of them about 15 cm x 15 cm, and I still haven’t finished the first round of four balls. I have decided to switch the colours around to ultimately use up the same amount of each colour, as I bought the same amount of each. I have gone for eight different permutations of the colours, always alternating a blue and a brown. It is so interesting to see the very different effect the grannies have with the different permutations of the colours, even under the very same colour scheme!

All in all, I am quite happy with the direction things are going. I will come back with future updates as things move along!