Modern Take on an Aran Jumper

The traditional way of constructing Aran jumpers has always been one of my preferred ways to bring about a garment. You start at the neck and work downwards from there, picking up stitches where needed, but completely eschewing seams. This kind of jumper is usually distinguished by the rather baroque overlay of celtic cables and plaits….

Blue and Brown Granny-Square Afghan

Consumed as I lately am by the urge to crochet granny squares, and with the itch of wanting to try out my new favourite colour combination (blue and brown) in a pattern, a few days ago I decided to start on an afghan that brings together these two characteristics. I bought twenty balls of acrylic yarn…

White Cable Cardigan

This cardigan has been in the making for quite a few months. I bought the yarn for it before the calendar turned over into 2016, with no more than a vague idea in my mind of what I wanted to make with it: I knew I wanted some kind of top, and I favoured an open-front structure,…


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